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Every drop counts

Efficient watering with drip irrigation and water controls
Water is a precious resource

The Gardena Drip Irrigation waters plants in a targeted, tailored and water-saving manner, is inconspicuous when installed and can be extended at any time. Hardly any water evaporates unused.

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Sustained heat isn’t just a problem for people and animals. Plants also suffer in bright sunlight and extreme drought. Above all lawn areas are exposed to the sun with no protection. Here every drop of water counts.

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Water is a precious resource

Life without water is inconceivable. But water doesn’t just pour out of a pipeline everywhere in the world – fresh water is a limited and increasingly scarce re-source. Since 1993, the United Nations has held a World Water Day on 22nd March. The aim is to draw people’s attention to the value of water for humanity.

On World Water Day, 22nd March 2018, GARDENA and UNICEF launched a long-term partnership under the slogan “Every drop counts” with the aim of GARDENA helping UNICEF provide clean water and sanitation to those most in need, aiming to reach over 100,000 people by 2021. More information available at www.gardena.com/unicef.

It is also worthwhile to collect rainwater. The new Gardena Rain Water Tank Pump with Li-Ion battery can even pump the collected water independently of a power supply from the rain water tank to the consumer point.

Tips for clever watering

The biggest problem when watering plants is determining the correct quantity of water. However, we have a few tips to help you take good care of your plants:

• Water as early as possible in the mornings, close to the root ball
• Avoid hard watering jets
• Water extensively every 2–3 days instead of a little every day

Facilitate the convenient, efficient and economical use of water – ideally in combination – using a drip irrigation and modern water controls. This will allow you to save up to 70 percent water. The Gardena Water Control supplies your plants at the right time with exactly the required water quantity. This is an inex-pensive and simultaneously convenient solution. The drip irrigation stands for targeted water dosage, low evaporation, effective use of water – healthier plants and therefore increased yield.
About Gardena
For over 50 years GARDENA has provided everything passionate gardeners need. The broad assortment of products offers innovative solutions and systems for watering, lawn care, tree and shrub care and soil cultivation. Today, GARDENA is a leading European supplier of high-quality gardening tools and distributed in more than 80 countries worldwide. GARDENA is a brand of Husqvarna Group. Further information on gardena.com.

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Tips for clever watering
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Water is a precious resource
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For the first time, the new Rain Water Tank Pump is able to pump water without requiring a power supply using Li-Ion power.

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