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The new GARDENA ZoneProtect


With the new GARDENA ZoneProtect, the cutting area for the robotic lawnmower can be changed very easily and flexibly – making it ideal for circumventing temporary structures on the lawn, for example.

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If trampolines, swimming pools and other structures take up parts of the lawn over the summer or certain areas have been freshly sown, a robotic lawnmower should not be deployed there at first. With the new GARDENA ZoneProtect, it is possible to temporarily exclude certain zones from the cutting area – providing a quick, easy and flexible solution that requires no change to the main installation.

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When a GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower takes care of a lawn, its area of deployment is defined by a boundary wire. Naturally, though, changes occur in the garden:

A trampoline or a swimming pool that only occupies the lawn during the summer months presents a new obstacle. Alternatively, a wild flower meadow for bees and other insects may be envisaged to decorate an area of the garden, and so this area should not be mowed regularly during the season. In order to account for these factors, the cutting area of the robotic lawnmower must be changed.

Quick and easy to install

The new GARDENA ZoneProtect makes it possible to alter the cutting area with minimal effort. The small signal generator simply needs to be placed in the appropriate place in the garden. It serves as the start and end point for a new boundary wire that is laid around objects or areas to mark them off from the specified mowing area, preventing the robotic lawnmower from encroaching on them.

The boundary wire of the main installation of the robotic lawnmower does not need to be changed. This remains completely unaffected. The ZoneProtect must always be located within the main boundary wire, since it communicates with it constantly. The cable length of the GARDENA ZoneProtect is up to 15 metres. It is operated by a battery. If you have forgotten to charge the battery and it runs out of power, the robotic lawnmower automatically stops mowing, meaning that the excluded area will not be mowed unintentionally.

GARDENA ZoneProtect works with the SILENO minimo, as well as all new and existing versions of SILENO city, SILENO life and SILENO+.

GARDENA ZoneProtect

Practical signal generator, with which certain areas or objects can be flexibly and temporarily excluded from the cutting area of the robotic lawnmower

  • Cable length: up to 15 m
  • Battery life: at least 31 days
  • LED display for battery and signal status
  • Convenient cable storage on the device
  • Includes battery and USB charging cable
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