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Pruning lavender

Cutting in later seasons

Promoting growth and flowering by cutting back your plants
Whether light pruning, shaping, preservation or deadwood cutting, plants have to be cut back even in autumn and winter. In this way, for example, wild shoots are pruned back on shrubs which have been left to grow unattended. Your plants will show their gratitude in spring through good growth and many flowers.
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Using the natural cycle

Leaves – too valuable for organic waste

Information worth knowing about brightly-coloured autumn leaves
In autumn, the organic waste bins are full to bursting. And the compost, too, is frequently overflowing with large quantities of accumulated leaves. They cannot stay on the lawn, as the grass under them can suffocate and rot. And yet we can do quite a lot of things with foliage: they can act as frost protection for garden beds, or offer beneficial small animals a pleasant refuge for the winter. Leaves are an important raw material for the formation of humus.
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GARDENA Garden and Wall-Mounted Hose Boxes RollUp

New products for the season 2021

GARDENA will also expand all product groups with numerous innovations in the 2021 season. From the modern Lifestyle System, new battery-powered tools to the smallest Robotic Lawnmower - Gardena again offers a host of new, innovative products and systems that will make the hearts of all garden lovers beat faster.
NEW 04.08.2020 New Products
GARDENA ClickUp! InsectHotel

Garden lifestyle all year round

The new GARDENA ClickUp! System

The new GARDENA ClickUp! is a flexible system for the garden that offers decorative elements throughout the year and contributes to species protection. A handle, different attachments and a whole host of possibilities to individualize your outdoor living space.

NEW 04.08.2020 New Products
The new GARDENA Garden and Wall-Mounted Hose Boxes RollUp

Roll-up for innovation

The new GARDENA Garden and Wall-Mounted Hose Boxes RollUp
With GARDENA Wall-Mounted Hose Boxes, gardeners can wave goodbye to bending over, cranking and dirty hands. They will be entering the 2021 gardening season with fresh designs and improved handling. The range also includes an innovative new garden hose box with the option of two hose lengths.

NEW 04.08.2020 New Products
The new GARDENA smart Sensor

Saving water easily

The new GARDENA smart Sensor
The new GARDENA smart Sensor enables efficient irrigation in the garden. It determines soil moisture and temperature and adjusts the scheduled automatic irrigation in the smart system. Irrigation is only carried out as and when necessary, preventing excessive watering. This results in healthier plants and a richer harvest.

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