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NEW 05.02.2019 Seasonal

No time for a headline

Stress is caused by worrying too much – as Mark Manson underlines in his bestselling book „The subtle art of not giving a fuck”. In a society where people care more and more about performance, perfection and competition, the stress level rises linearly.
NEW 29.01.2019 Seasonal / Spring

A new haircut for old plants

Cutting trees, shrubs and hedges into shape
From the beginning of March onwards, there will be plenty to cut back in your garden – such as perennials and roses, hedges, shrubs or trees. The individual plants require different treatments using different cutting tools. So which shears are required for which plant? Correct selection is often half the work.
NEW 18.10.2018 Seasonal / Winter

Make way!

For winter fun, skid-proof roads are an absolute must
With the winter comes the snow. To make the winter wonderland as safe as possible for young and old, the sidewalks around one's property need to be clear of snow. But to break them free from the frozen white splendour does not have to be arduous work.
NEW 06.09.2018 Seasonal / Autumn

When even the longest ladder falls short

Tips and tricks for safely pruning shrubs and trees in lofty heights
When the gardening season comes to an end, it's pruning time. Trimming back tree crowns can often be particularly challenging. The right equipment ensures that both the gardener and tree come out of this task unscathed.
NEW 09.08.2018 Seasonal / Autumn

Garden maintenance in autumn

It's time for secateurs and flower bulbs
The days are getting shorter and even the last plants will soon surrender to winter's cold embrace. That's the time when garden owners should set to work with their secateurs in a targeted manner. And it's also worth to take a glance at one's bed: Which spring flowers can be planted as early as now?
NEW 01.08.2018 Seasonal / Summer

Agile robust and suitable for all requirements

The new GARDENA Textile Hose Liano
GARDENA's premium quality gets a new look. The Textile Hose Liano is very easy to store and use for watering. The ideal and convenient solution for terraces and gardens of any size.
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