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NEW 29.03.2023 Products / Watering
GARDENA watering solutions

Spontaneous or scheduled watering?

Watering tips for different types of gardeners and plants

Plants brighten up the world around them but they also filter the air, provide shade, store CO2, regulate the temperature naturally and give gardeners and animals their own safe haven.

NEW 16.03.2023 Products / Watering
GARDENA 2023_ Water usage 1

Where does the water flow?

Clever ways to use drinking water

Everyone should keep an eye on their own water consumption for the sake of their bank balance and the environment. Water is a precious resource that becomes even more valuable during the warmer summer months and dry spells. It is at these times of year that the questions of where water is coming from and going become even more pressing.

NEW 15.03.2023 Products / Watering
Gardena SILENO with LONA technology

Gardena smart system now supports Google Home

Networked all around – lawn care and irrigation now easily controlled via Google Home

From now on, garden owners can also control their devices in the home and garden via Google Home. New as well as existing devices can be integrated into the ecosystem. This enables synchronised watering and lawn care, lighting of the garden or the use of other smart devices.

NEW 15.02.2023 Products
GARDENA Smart Sensor

The right choice for long plant happiness

The right plants for every place

Balconies, terraces, front and backyard gardens have one thing in common: space is scarce. Therefore, instead of large trees, low-maintenance plants that cope well with confined spaces can be used. For long-lasting plant happiness, it is important to consider a few points.

NEW 14.02.2023 Products / Soil and Ground
GARDENA Balcony Box

Cheers to the green!

A plea for more courage for green spaces and biodiversity

"A beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house" singer Beth Ditto once said. She is right! Plants bring happiness and positive energy to life. And even more: flowering beds provide food and shelter for wildlife. In cities, they cool in the heat and provide clean air. Actually, there can't be enough plants around us.

NEW 09.02.2023 Corporate
GARDENA Micro-Drip-System

Acquisition supports Gardena’s continued growth journey

In 2022, Gardena continued to expand its market position and geographical growth journey despite a challenging business climate.
Global sales of the Gardena Division amounted to 1,280 million euros in fiscal year 2022. In the reporting currency, this corresponds to growth of 29 percent compared to 1,025 million euros in the previous year, in which Gardena exceeded the sales mark of one billion euros for the first time.
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