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NEW 14.05.2024 Seasonal / Summer
Tackling climate change with biodiversity

Tackling climate change with biodiversity

How gardens can support biodiversity and become more resilient

Ecosystems are suffering from biodiversity loss, with many species of flora and fauna at threat of extinction. This has been confirmed by reports published by the United Nations[1]. But why is biodiversity so important for gardens in the face of climate change? And what can gardeners do to encourage biodiversity in their own residential green spaces?

NEW 30.04.2024 Products / smart system
Gardening knowledge update

Gardening knowledge update

Smart and efficient gardening

Gardening may be a manual activity, but apps and smart technology can help gardeners to understand and look after their gardens. They can access information digitally, use local data and even get invaluable support with gardening tasks.

NEW 18.04.2024 Products / Watering
Green Spaces Need Water

Green spaces need water

How to maintain green spaces with clever watering
Gardens struggle to cope with extended heat waves followed by heavy rainfall. With long periods of extreme heat becoming longer and longer, green spaces are more important than ever. Water is critical so they can survive and keep naturally regulating the temperature locally in the long term. It falls to gardeners to ensure that a sufficient supply of water is always available – especially during long dry spells.
NEW 09.04.2024 Products / Watering
Less gravel, more greenery

Less gravel, more greenery

Inspiration for weather-resistant green spaces

Gardens, balconies, and terraces are popular spots for gardening, relaxation, growing own food or extension of the indoor living space. But as extreme weather becomes more common, it is increasingly important for gardens to be adaptable. Efficient water use and biodiversity are key when it comes to planning resilient gardens.

NEW 13.03.2024 Corporate
Husqvarna Group to acquire ETwater - expanding Gardena Divisions commercial offering in North America

Husqvarna Group to acquire ETwater - expanding Gardena Division's commercial offering in North America

Husqvarna Group has signed an agreement with Rivulis Irrigation to acquire ETwater, a pioneer in smart irrigation management for the commercial market in North America. As part of Orbit within the Gardena Division, ETwater will become the nucleus for a newly formed unit, dedicated to providing solutions for enterprise customers.
NEW 06.03.2024 Products / Watering
More resilience is also becoming increasingly important in domestic green spaces

More resilience is also becoming increasingly important in domestic green spaces

Adapting green spaces to extreme weather conditions

Extreme weather, such as heavy rain, drought, and heat waves, is becoming more widespread due to climate change, with the potential for serious damage to be caused. Green spaces like gardens, balconies and patios need to be resilient, adaptable, and able to spring back after isolated instances of extreme weather.

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