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Grow your own fruit and vegetables

Worried about rising fruit and vegetable costs? Grow your own this summer!

It is no secret that supermarket prices have been rising for some time now. And it is not just the cost of vegetable oil that is cause for concern. Fruit and vegetable prices have been steadily rising since 2015, with fruit becoming 19 percent more expensive over the past seven years and vegetable prices going up by 33 percent in the same time frame.1 The past few months have seen prices jump up at an alarming rate, with rising energy prices and higher costs for wages and fertilisers mainly to blame. But it is possible to become less dependent on the supermarkets.
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GARDENA garden award 2022: The finalists

GARDENA garden award 2022: The finalists

The GARDENA garden award 2022 is again looking for innovative solutions and sustainable ideas for the garden of the future. Now the finalists have been selected.
This year, the GARDENA garden award for innovative entrepreneurs, inventors and founders is entering another round. For the fourth time now, creative ideas for the garden of the future are being sought.
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A waste problem turned into educational opportunities

A waste problem turned into educational opportunities

Focus on recycling: Gardena supports a UNICEF project on the Ivory Coast for the reuse of plastic waste.
As part of its existing long-term partnership with UNICEF, since the beginning of the year Gardena is supporting a UNICEF project in Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire) to recycle plastic waste into building materials for new schools. This innovative project contributes to the environment and at the same time opens up educational and development opportunities for disadvantaged children.
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From smart home to smart garden

From smart home to smart garden

Creating gardens of the future with artificial intelligence

Digitalisation and connectivity are on the rise – and fast. Around 51 million households in Europe were smart in 2021. Estimates suggest that figure is set to almost double to 97.2 million by 2025.1 Gardens are not being left out and are evolving with homes.

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Natural gardening with GARDENA EcoLine

Colourful gardens for people, wildlife, and climate

How to promote and enjoy biodiversity in the garden

The International Day for Biological Diversity on 22 May puts gardens, patios, and balconies in the spotlight. They are an important component of the urban microclimate and make a valuable contribution to biodiversity. People and animals benefit from conscious garden design and plant selection.

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GARDENA ClickUp! SolarLamp

Garden life from dawn until dusk

City gardens can be upgraded and accessories added to attract wildlife with a click

Balconies, roof terraces and small courtyard corners can all be transformed into city gardens. All it takes to upgrade these spaces and turn them green is a passion for gardening and plenty of creativity. What an effective way to improve quality of life in the city. If a natural approach to gardening is adopted, green havens can be created for people and wildlife.

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