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NEW 31.08.2021 New Products / Watering
GARDENA EcoLine range

Sustainable gardening – a natural choice

The new GARDENA EcoLine range

Watering products and hand-held tools from the new GARDENA EcoLine range are the natural choice for passionate gardeners. They are sustainably made with recycled materials and impress gardeners with their uncompromising quality, high durability, attractive design and ultimate ease of use.

NEW 31.08.2021 New Products / Watering
GARDENA Water Meter AquaCount

Watering gardens with measured care

The GARDENA AquaCount range
Even experienced gardeners can misjudge the right amount of water that their plants need. The new GARDENA Water Meter AquaCount helps you to water precisely with the right amount and save water, since every drop counts.
NEW 31.08.2021 New Products / Watering
GARDENA Liano Hose Storage TapFix

The clever way to store

The new GARDENA Liano Hose Storage TapFix
Choosing the Liano textile hose means choosing flexibility. This also now holds true even when the hose isn't being used, thanks to the new Liano Hose Storage TapFix. It can be attached to an outdoor tap in just a few simple steps with no need for any tools, and is an ideal space-saving solution for storing the hose.
NEW 31.08.2021 New Products / Watering
GARDENA Pipeline Garden Water Tap

The underground garden water network

GARDENA Pipeline

If water is needed in different areas of the garden, the GARDENA Pipeline offers the ideal solution. New watering accessories, such as a tap and a sprinkler, make the whole system even more appealing to garden lovers.

NEW 20.04.2021 New Products / Watering
The Pressure Sprayer 5 l Plus with nylon filter for straining home-made fertiliser infusions.

Sustainably protect, strengthen and water your plants

Tips and recipes for gentle plant care
Whether they’re inside your home, on your balcony or in your (large) garden – plants have always needed water, protection and care. However, to ensure that you tend to your plants in a contemporary, ecologically sound and optimal way, it is worth thinking about alternatives to watering cans and chemicals. It is both easy and cost-effective to find specific and sustainable solutions to the three aspects of proper plant care. 
NEW 09.03.2021 New Products / Watering
GAR_2021_Doing something good for the environment and your wallet

Doing something good for the environment and your wallet

Moving from a throwaway society towards a sustainable consumer culture
Consumer behaviour is changing, becoming more aware and sustainable. This is leading to a necessary transformation in the prevalent consumerist culture. In this culture, many products are used for ever shorter periods before being disposed of, with dire consequences for humanity and the environment. In this context, the EU Ecodesign Directive will place greater obligations onto manufacturers. Gardena is using a suite of measures to help make consumer behaviour more sustainable in the garden.  
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