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NEW 04.08.2020 New Products / Watering

Roll-up for innovation

The new GARDENA Garden and Wall-Mounted Hose Boxes RollUp
With GARDENA Wall-Mounted Hose Boxes, gardeners can wave goodbye to bending over, cranking and dirty hands. They will be entering the 2021 gardening season with fresh designs and improved handling. The range also includes an innovative new garden hose box with the option of two hose lengths.

NEW 04.08.2020 New Products / Watering

Saving water easily

The new GARDENA smart Sensor
The new GARDENA smart Sensor enables efficient irrigation in the garden. It determines soil moisture and temperature and adjusts the scheduled automatic irrigation in the smart system. Irrigation is only carried out as and when necessary, preventing excessive watering. This results in healthier plants and a richer harvest.

NEW 04.08.2020 New Products / Watering

As much as necessary, as little as possible

The new GARDENA Soil Moisture Sensor
With the GARDENA Soil Moisture Sensor, garden owners can easily ensure optimal watering of their plants and save water. If there is already sufficient moisture in the soil, excessive irrigation is avoided, for healthy plants and a rich harvest.

NEW 04.08.2020 New Products / Watering

Powerfully moving water

The new GARDENA Clear and Dirty Water Submersible Pumps
In the next gardening season, GARDENA will be presenting 10 new clear and dirty water submersible pumps. All are defined by one thing above all: over 40 years of experience that GARDENA can look back on in the field of pumps. The new models are now impressing with their powerful performance and innovative new features.

NEW 04.08.2020 New Products / Watering

Secure connection at a short distance

The new GARDENA products with Bluetooth technology
With its new products featuring Bluetooth technology, GARDENA is beginning a new chapter and offering garden owners a comfortable solution for operating individual devices in their garden from a short distance via app.

NEW 04.08.2020 New Products / Watering

Plant care for the home and garden

The new GARDENA Pump and Pressure Sprayers
Whether for gentle irrigation or the distribution of plant protection agents and homemade fortifiers, gardening enthusiasts are sure to find just the model for their needs amongst the new GARDENA Pump and Pressure Sprayers.

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