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NEW 23.04.2019 New Products / Watering

Every drop counts.

Efficient watering with drip irrigation and water controls
Sustained heat isn’t just a problem for people and animals. Plants also suffer in bright sunlight and extreme drought. Above all lawn areas are exposed to the sun with no protection. Here every drop of water counts.
NEW 01.08.2018 New Products / Watering

The Original GARDENA System is growing

The new GARDENA Comfort Cleaning Nozzle ecoPulse
The Original GARDENA System has been simplifying garden irrigation for more than five decades. Not only is the system constantly being developed, but the range of versatile connecting devices also continues to grow to meet all customer requirements. The Comfort Cleaning Nozzle ecoPulse will be added to the range in the 2019 gardening year.
NEW 01.08.2018 New Products / Watering

Agile robust and suitable for all requirements

The new GARDENA Textile Hose Liano
GARDENA's premium quality gets a new look. The Textile Hose Liano is very easy to store and use for watering. The ideal and convenient solution for terraces and gardens of any size.
NEW 01.08.2018 New Products / Watering

Robust design with useful details

The new GARDENA metal hose trolleys
In their updated range for the 2018 garden season, GARDENA presented their new plastic hose trolleys, which have already received the coveted Red Dot Design Award. Now, three new metal hose trolleys complete the range.
NEW 01.08.2018 New Products / Watering

Fully automatic and clever garden irrigation

The new GARDENA Water Controls
Water is a valuable resource that should be used intelligently and sustainably. The new GARDENA Water Controls make saving water simple by using it efficiently while also providing optimal and reliable care for plants, allowing gardeners to dedicate themselves to other tasks.
NEW 01.08.2018 New Products / Watering

Weather-resistant and versatile

The new GARDENA Home and Garden Pumps
GARDENA Home and Garden Pumps, the smart solution for service water distribution, have been redesigned to make them even more convenient. The result: Devices with weather-resistant housing that can now also be installed outdoors.
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