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NEW 23.08.2019 New Products / Watering

Carefree on the way

GARDENA AquaBloom – the independent irrigation set
A clever, automatic watering solution is now available for individuals who previously had to leave their plants on a balcony or terrace unattended: The GARDENA AquaBloom Set works without electricity or a tap and provides plants in boxes and pots with an optimum supply of water.
NEW 23.08.2019 New Products / Watering

Quick connection

The new GARDENA Tap Connector for indoor taps

The Original GARDENA System provides a quick solution for all watering requirements. If there is no water supply on the balcony or roof terrace: With the GARDENA Tap Connector for indoor taps, you can still water the plants using a hose.

NEW 23.08.2019 New Products / Watering

Convenient and reliable watering

The new GARDENA Aqua and AquaZoom oscillating sprinklers
The perfect oscillating sprinkler is now available for all garden sizes: The new range of GARDENA sprinklers in the Aqua and AquaZoom lines can be used to water square and rectangular areas conveniently, accurately and reliably.
NEW 23.08.2019 New Products / Watering

Optimal use of own water reserves

The new GARDENA Rain Water Tank Pumps and Submersible Pressure Pumps
Use water for free with the new GARDENA Rain Water Tank Pumps and Submersible Pressure Pumps. They effortlessly pump precious water out of rain water tanks, cisterns and wells. This means you can always water your garden, even during drier periods — in a quick, reliable and environmentally friendly way.
NEW 22.07.2019 New Products / Watering

Study showcases: Richer harvest and healthier plants through automatic irrigation

A study conducted by the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences on behalf of Gardena shows that the use of automatic irrigation leads to a more efficient use of water, a richer harvest and healthier plants.
NEW 25.04.2019 New Products / Watering

Clever watering for more beautiful plants and a better harvest

Watering the intelligent way does something good for your plants and yourself
Water is one of the most important resources that humanity has. In many regions of the world, there is already a severe lack of water today, which will increase significantly in the next few years. It is all the more important to use this valuable water mindfully – even in garden irrigation. Because every drop counts.
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