GARDENA unveils the Greenest Garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

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Leading gardening brand, GARDENA, today unveils the Greenest Garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023 in London, in partnership with its sustainability ambassador and eco-designer, Lynne Lambourne.

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Creating a revolutionary experience for the world’s most famous five-day flower event, GARDENA’s 2023 garden is centred around innovation. Visitors to the stand will see how new and recycled materials have been used to create a striking, but eco-friendly garden that produces zero waste and actively contributes to tackling the pressing climate crisis. As part of GARDENA’s national ReTh!nk campaign, they set out to inspire and educate passionate gardeners to conserve water and preserve green spaces.

New circular innovations from GARDENA are also being launched and showcased within the garden, including the RHS Sustainable Garden Product of the Year Award Finalists: the Micro-Drip System and the EcoLine hose. The Micro-Drip System delivers the right amount of water drop-by-drop exactly where the plant needs it, at the roots, using water efficiently versus manual irrigation methods. Not a drop is wasted, evaporation is kept to a minimum, and it gives healthier plants and a better harvest. The Ecoline hose is made of more than 65 percent recycled material and is the first fully recyclable plastic hose – a game-changer for the UK gardening market.

The GARDENA garden display showcases clever and efficient watering systems, smart systems, moisture sensors and water pumps to inform visitors how they can conserve more water and of course, time. Water is a precious resource and climate change is contributing to its scarcity. GARDENA is passionate about educating passionate gardeners to make more sustainable choices in the garden to help conserve it. The garden also features a kitchen garden display, pollinating plants, bug hotels and with every element of sustainability carefully considered, from materials used in construction, to the staff and the charities who supported.

The build inspires attendees to rethink the way they use their outdoor spaces. A unique and interactive social space takes centre stage in the build, highlighting how gardens can be enjoyed with the people you love, to share the food you have grown with love. Guests on the stand can step in and learn about regenerative gardening with garden designer Lynne.

Using homegrown food and sourced materials made from consumer waste, the mission of the design is to shift the focus from standard floral garden spaces to functional spaces, showcasing that cleverly designed areas can be not only kind to the planet but also remarkably beautiful.

Support from like-minded and sustainable suppliers allowed for a circular design process with zero waste, and all products will be recycled, reused or donated post show. All plants have been grown by the charity Greenshoots and will be gifted back to the charity, where Lynne volunteers weekly.

GARDENA has also collaborated with Ocean Plastic Pots to create a unique show product that combines ocean waste and GARDENA post-consumer recycled materials. Every customer at the show will receive a free limited edition plant pot in order to spread awareness of plastic pollution. Local manufacturer of 100% water-based paints, Annie Sloan Paint, was used throughout the garden, and organic compost was used for the build, supplied by Rocket Gro. All furnishings are made from made from recycled materials. Polywood provided recycled milk carton chairs, Envirobuild provided recycled plastic decking, the recycled aluminium chairs on the stand are from Oxleys, and the work surfaces are sourced from Smile Plastics and made from recycled yoghurt pots.

Speaking on the garden, Sarah Bentham, UK Marketing Manager at GARDENA said: “Following the success of last year, we’re proud to unveil our garden at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show. We have created an innovative, inspiring but also sustainable space with a circular design process that guarantees zero waste throughout the build and beyond. Sustainability is at the centre of our business, simply because gardening is all about nature. Creating, reclaiming and maintaining green spaces no matter how big or small and using water wisely is key. So the decision to collaborate with Lynne for a second year was an easy decision, she is someone who brings GARDENA’s values and DNA to life, which can be seen throughout this year’s exciting build.”

Garden designer Lynne Lambourne, said: “Whilst lasts year the design of my garden provoked conversation about the things that we have done to harm the planet, this year is I am focusing on innovation and design solutions to the climate crisis. I want to people to rethink the priorities they have with their outdoor spaces and to start a home-grown food revolution, I want them to see that a kitchen garden not only can look beautiful but can provide them with healthy, chemical free, in season food that won’t cost the earth, literally.”

GARDENA’s 2023 garden can be found at stand no. PW194. Those attending RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023 are encouraged to come along and chat to the team to find out more.

More information can also be found here: https://www.gardena.com/uk/garden-life/news/chelsea-flower-show-2023/

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GARDENAs garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023
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GARDENAs garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023
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