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NEW 11.01.2024 Seasonal / Spring
GARDENA Blind Brush

Quick and convenient cleaning

Gentle cleaning for all surfaces

After the cold and wet winter months, the house and garden are due a spring clean. Blinds, garden furniture and patios can be sparkling in no time with water and battery power.


NEW 19.07.2023 Seasonal / Spring

Grow, harvest, eat

The benefits of growing fruit, vegetables, and herbs to eat fresh from the garden
Seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs are fresh and full of flavour, vitamins, minerals and fibre. And they are popular: on average, over half of the EU population (55 percent) eat between 1 and 4 portions of fruit and vegetables daily.Gardeners who grow them in their own garden can enjoy low-cost ingredients, without requiring a huge amount of space or elaborate cooking skills.  
NEW 15.02.2023 Seasonal / Spring
GARDENA Smart Sensor

The right choice for long plant happiness

The right plants for every place

Balconies, terraces, front and backyard gardens have one thing in common: space is scarce. Therefore, instead of large trees, low-maintenance plants that cope well with confined spaces can be used. For long-lasting plant happiness, it is important to consider a few points.

NEW 13.12.2022 Seasonal / Spring
GARDENA smart Sensor with automatic irrigation control

Planning a garden for water efficiency

Making gardens resilient against dry spells and climate change

Gardens, patios and balconies with a lot of greenery and a wide array of plants make a valuable contribution to the environment. If cared for properly, these outdoor spaces can be appreciated greatly by people, animals and plants. As the summer months become drier and drier, it is all the more important to use water responsibly. There are so many ways to facilitate natural cycles.

NEW 31.08.2022 Seasonal / Spring
GARDENA cutting range

Easy harvesting and care for herbs and vegetables

Easy harvesting and care for herbs and vegetables

Growing your own herbs, fruit and vegetables is not just a steadily growing trend, it is also sustainable and healthy. What's more, because of rising food prices, self-sufficiency in herbs, fruit and vegetables is a real alternative to the supermarket. New cutting tools ensure that harvesting is easy.

NEW 31.08.2022 Seasonal / Spring
GARDENA combisystem Berry Picker

The family of tools continues to grow

GARDENA combisystem Berry Picker, Branch Hook, Tool Rack Flex and Tool Rack Plus

The combisystem is a true classic in the GARDENA range and offers the right handle-tool combination for almost every application in the garden. Now the system has been extended by two more attachments and the tool racks have been fundamentally revised. They now offer many new storage options.

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