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NEW 23.04.2019 Seasonal / Spring

Every drop counts

Efficient watering with drip irrigation and water controls
Sustained heat isn’t just a problem for people and animals. Plants also suffer in bright sunlight and extreme drought. Above all lawn areas are exposed to the sun with no protection. Here every drop of water counts.
NEW 02.04.2019 Seasonal / Spring

The silence of the lawnmowers

How our gardens can be transformed into oases of calm
It’s early on Saturday morning when the first neighbour starts up their lawnmower. But there’s no noise or din involved; just a pleasant hum. The new generation of lawnmowers not only mows lawns independently, but is also particularly quiet (up to maximum 60 dB). This keeps things cosily quiet in our gardens.
NEW 29.01.2019 Seasonal / Spring

A new haircut for old plants

Cutting trees, shrubs and hedges into shape
From the beginning of March onwards, there will be plenty to cut back in your garden – such as perennials and roses, hedges, shrubs or trees. The individual plants require different treatments using different cutting tools. So which shears are required for which plant? Correct selection is often half the work.
NEW 08.03.2018 Seasonal / Spring

The garden in your pocket

With intelligent technology, the new gardening season can begin
Watering grass and plants is a time-intensive task for every gardening aficionado. How helpful would it be if the garden thought for itself? At the beginning of the new outdoors season, it’s worthwhile getting smart support in the garden that gives gardeners a helping hand.
NEW 25.01.2018 Seasonal / Spring

Time to go outside!

Get a successful start to the new gardening season
Here we go again! But there are still a few things to do before your garden truly comes to life to make it and your patio fit for the season.
NEW 25.01.2018 Seasonal / Spring

A heart for green

When is the best time for the first cut?
When garden plants sprout in the spring, there’s a lot for passionate hobby gardeners to do. Mowing the lawn, cutting the edges, trimming the hedges – planned well, the major tasks of the season can now be taken care of seamlessly.
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