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NEW 11.06.2019 Seasonal / Summer

Freshly picked

Plant and harvest your own herbs and spices
They are an attractive shade of green, fragrant and don’t just taste good to humans: herbs and spices and their flowers also attract useful insects. These plants are easy to grow in flower boxes, planters or pots – on window ledges, balconies or roof terraces.
NEW 28.05.2019 Seasonal / Summer

Easy-care survival experts

Counter the effects of the midsummer sun with heat-resistant plants
In future, garden owners can reckon with increasingly hot, dry and sunny summers. Yet whilst native plants start to wilt during prolonged hot spells, exotic sun worshippers begin to thrive. They require little water – also whilst you are on holiday.
NEW 30.04.2019 Seasonal / Summer

Welcome to the outdoor-living room

Enjoy your leisure time to the full and fill up on energy
Deceleration, natural surroundings, the joy of life – “green living rooms” have a lot to offer! In the summer months, garden owners can use their patio for sociable gatherings in the evenings, or to relax.
NEW 01.08.2018 Seasonal / Summer

Agile robust and suitable for all requirements

The new GARDENA Textile Hose Liano
GARDENA's premium quality gets a new look. The Textile Hose Liano is very easy to store and use for watering. The ideal and convenient solution for terraces and gardens of any size.
NEW 21.06.2018 Seasonal / Summer

Little gardens, big deal

How city lovers can easily create green oases
In the city, space is scarce. But garden fans must by no means forgo their own, private bit of green as a result. With the following tips and assistance, hobby gardeners can live out their passions, even on the smallest areas.
NEW 17.05.2018 Seasonal / Summer

Individual watering

So your plants don’t droop in the sun
Vegetable gardens, raised beds, flower tubs, and herb benches all have one thing in common: They need sufficient water, especially in the summer! But how much, and how often is it needed?
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