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NEW 16.02.2021 Seasonal / Summer
2in1 EnergyCut

Upgrade your garden with a hedge

Picking the right plants for a perfect hedge
When the threat of daytime frost has lifted, the ground has thawed out and the temperatures begin to rise again, it’s time to get the garden hedges in shape. Natural, freely growing hedges are one currently fashionable trend. A healthy, attractive hedge not only keeps out prying eyes, but also offers a sustainable habitat for birds, insects and small animals. But gardeners should take care to find out what type of hedge would best suit their needs before adding one to their own garden. 
NEW 11.08.2020 Seasonal / Summer
Stone garden

Rescue the green garden!

Vibrant alternatives to dreary gravel gardens
Stones or plants in your front garden or back garden? Today, many garden owners select what appears to be the simple and easy-care version: gravel, chippings and crushed stone. But is this “easy-care” rumour just a myth?
NEW 14.07.2020 Seasonal / Summer
Rain Water Tank Pumps for irrigation

Rainwater – ideal for watering purposes

Supplying plants with your own water reserves
Water is a valuable resource. And it is slightly wasteful – and much too expensive – to water your garden using drinking water from the tap. In addition, calcareous tap water can even damage sensitive plants. Rain, on the other hand, falls down from the sky for free. Modern rainwater containers collect this precious resource and store it ready for use.
NEW 16.06.2020 Seasonal / Summer
Raising own fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables in a small space

Delicious and healthy food to cook and snack from
A rich harvest from a small space -those who raise their own fruits and vegetables on their balcony will always have delicacies to hand for snacking and cooking. At the same time, they create an inviting, green refuge for themselves and for insects.
NEW 20.08.2019 Seasonal / Summer
Gardena Water Control

Easy-care survival experts

Counter the effects of the midsummer sun with heat-resistant plants
In future, garden owners can reckon with increasingly hot, dry and sunny summers. Yet whilst native plants start to wilt during prolonged hot spells, exotic sun worshippers begin to thrive. They require little water – also whilst you are on holiday.
NEW 16.07.2019 Seasonal / Summer
Recovery and relaxation

Welcome to the outdoor-living room

Enjoy your leisure time to the full and fill up on energy
Deceleration, natural surroundings, the joy of life – “green living rooms” have a lot to offer! In the summer months, garden owners can use their patio for sociable gatherings in the evenings, or to relax.
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