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NEW 15.10.2019 Seasonal / Autumn

Discovering the world in your garden

Perceiving green areas with all your senses
Seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling and even listening – a garden of the senses takes all sensory organs into account. It can sharpen childrens’ senses and open up fundamental experiences to them. For adults, it is a place of calm or a meeting point. For older people, a garden frequently evokes memories.
NEW 17.09.2019 Seasonal / Autumn

Radiantly clean and well-cared for

Protection against the winter weather for your garden and garden tools
It’s autumn – time to say goodbye to our familiar view of colourful flowers. And time for a thorough autumn clean-up. Those who start the winter by getting organised are well-prepared when spring comes around.
NEW 06.09.2018 Seasonal / Autumn

When even the longest ladder falls short

Tips and tricks for safely pruning shrubs and trees in lofty heights
When the gardening season comes to an end, it's pruning time. Trimming back tree crowns can often be particularly challenging. The right equipment ensures that both the gardener and tree come out of this task unscathed.
NEW 09.08.2018 Seasonal / Autumn

Garden maintenance in autumn

It's time for secateurs and flower bulbs
The days are getting shorter and even the last plants will soon surrender to winter's cold embrace. That's the time when garden owners should set to work with their secateurs in a targeted manner. And it's also worth to take a glance at one's bed: Which spring flowers can be planted as early as now?
NEW 05.07.2018 Seasonal / Autumn

Bringing the lawn to order

Cuttings are valuable for mulching or composting purposes
When summer says goodbye, it certainly does not mean that the gardening chores stop as well. Some plants only surrender to the winter season when the first frost sets in. That still leaves the gardener with a vast abundance of greenery to be pruned and taken care of. But what should the gardener do with the gardening waste?
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