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NEW 14.05.2024 Seasonal / Summer
Tackling climate change with biodiversity

Tackling climate change with biodiversity

How gardens can support biodiversity and become more resilient

Ecosystems are suffering from biodiversity loss, with many species of flora and fauna at threat of extinction. This has been confirmed by reports published by the United Nations[1]. But why is biodiversity so important for gardens in the face of climate change? And what can gardeners do to encourage biodiversity in their own residential green spaces?

NEW 30.04.2024 Seasonal / Summer
Gardening knowledge update

Gardening knowledge update

Smart and efficient gardening

Gardening may be a manual activity, but apps and smart technology can help gardeners to understand and look after their gardens. They can access information digitally, use local data and even get invaluable support with gardening tasks.

NEW 19.07.2023 Seasonal / Summer

Grow, harvest, eat

The benefits of growing fruit, vegetables, and herbs to eat fresh from the garden
Seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs are fresh and full of flavour, vitamins, minerals and fibre. And they are popular: on average, over half of the EU population (55 percent) eat between 1 and 4 portions of fruit and vegetables daily.Gardeners who grow them in their own garden can enjoy low-cost ingredients, without requiring a huge amount of space or elaborate cooking skills.  
NEW 22.06.2023 Seasonal / Summer
GARDENA Micro-Drip-System

Drop by drop

Drip irrigation systems for precise and efficient watering
During previous dry summers, gardeners soon realised what a precious resource water is – even in areas that do not traditionally struggle with water scarcity. Lawns dried out in lots of places, and it was hard to keep up with how often home-grown fruit and vegetables had to be watered. At times like this, smart irrigation systems are an effective way to keep plants healthy and make efficient use of water. 
NEW 25.04.2023 Seasonal / Summer
GARDENA Holiday Watering Set

Plants home alone

Smart tricks for happy holidays and healthy plants

Keen gardeners do not always have time to water the plants in their homes, gardens, patios or balconies. They may be away on holiday, travelling for work or just too busy with life. Here are a few tricks and tips to keep those precious plants alive and thriving during these periods.

NEW 19.01.2023 Seasonal / Summer
GARDENA press kit watering

Gardens thriving or barely surviving?

Smart and efficient watering is the key to green garden spaces

Gardens and other green spaces are highly sought after in urban settings right now. And drinking water is a precious resource that needs to be used efficiently and responsibly all around the world. Does the increasing need to economise clash with the desire for a garden that has to be properly looked after and watered? Luckily, there are smart solutions that can be used to align the needs of people and nature in a meaningful way.

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