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Discovering the world in your garden

Perceiving green areas with all your senses
Awakening our motivation, exploring, trying things out

Working in the garden makes us happy and plays a valuable contribution towards the preservation of our health.

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Seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling and even listening – a garden of the senses takes all sensory organs into account. It can sharpen childrens’ senses and open up fundamental experiences to them. For adults, it is a place of calm or a meeting point. For older people, a garden frequently evokes memories.

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Awakening our motivation, exploring, trying things out

Fragrant flowers, delicious fruits and spicy herbs, the sound of rustling grasses, wind chimes, a weather station, water prisms, a barefoot path or an insect hotel. Such a well-being, healing or sensory garden not only delights children and the elderly, but is also enriching for every garden-lover. Gardening has long been considered as an experience, and even a therapy. A beautiful, well-cared for garden strengthens our self-confidence, makes us happy, invites us to rest and celebrate in it and provides inspiration as well as a place of retreat.

But of course, gardens also require planning and care. And this in turn keeps us not only mentally, but also physically fit. Working in the garden lifts the spirits, relaxing you and filling you with a sense of satisfaction. It can also reduce pain or lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Studies (amongst others by Helena Hörder, University of Göteborg) have even proven that physically active people are less susceptible to dementia. This means that staying outdoors invigorates your spirits and keeps you fit.
The garden as fitness gym

Moving about in the fresh air stimulates your body’s own immune system and gets your circulation moving. Only 20 to 30 minutes a day can already begin to improve your physical condition.

According to the pertinent table data, hardly any other activity in everyday life can consume as many calories as chopping wood (400 kcal), mowing the lawn (240 kcal, electric lawnmower) or classic garden work (between 210 and 350 kcal) – depending on the size and weight of the hobby gardener and the type and speed of the activity or the ambient temperature. Gardening therefore not only trains the body, but also assists you in losing weight.

Garden tools with ergonomically shaped handles such as the Gardena ErgoLine Spades and Spading Forks, Telescopic Handles or the ergonomically curved combisystem Handles are gentle on your back during gardening work. They are easy to grip and can be adapted individually. The lightweight Gardena Battery Tools also support hobby gardeners efficiently when caring for their gardens.

Those who can’t find enjoyment in gardening work can benefit from a great alternative. Hobby gardeners can practice for themselves what was originally widely practised in “Green Gymnastics” groups in England before spreading to many parks in this country: stretching and extending or doing sports.
About Gardena
For over 50 years GARDENA has provided everything passionate gardeners need. The broad assortment of products offers innovative solutions and systems for watering, lawn care, tree and shrub care and soil cultivation. Today, GARDENA is a leading European supplier of high-quality gardening tools and distributed in more than 80 countries worldwide. GARDENA is a brand of Husqvarna Group. Further information on gardena.com.

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The garden as fitness gym
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Working in the garden makes us happy and plays a valuable contribution towards the preservation of our health.

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