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NEW 20.04.2022 Products / Tree and Shrub Care
Natural gardening with GARDENA EcoLine

Colourful gardens for people, wildlife, and climate

How to promote and enjoy biodiversity in the garden

The International Day for Biological Diversity on 22 May puts gardens, patios, and balconies in the spotlight. They are an important component of the urban microclimate and make a valuable contribution to biodiversity. People and animals benefit from conscious garden design and plant selection.

NEW 31.01.2022 Products / Tree and Shrub Care
Sustainable gardening. Tips and inspirations for a colourful garden ecosystem

Creating biodiversity step by step

Tips and inspirations for a colourful garden ecosystem
With a garden that is close to nature, plant lovers not only contribute to climate protection, but also create a home for a variety of plants and animals. That not only benefits the local ecosystem, but also offers the opportunity to rediscover the own garden and to save money and resources.
NEW 23.09.2021 Products / Tree and Shrub Care
The Gardena StarCut 410

Cut a fine figure in the garden

The right shears for every situation

The temperatures are falling, and the gardening season is slowly coming to an end. Now it is time to prepare trees and shrubs for winter rest and cut them back for proper care. The Gardena shears enable hobby gardeners to have a perfectly trimmed garden that others can only dream of.

NEW 16.09.2021 Products / Tree and Shrub Care
The Gardena combisystem Fruit Collector

Strengthened into the winter

Environmentally friendly ways to winter-proof your garden

There’s a saying in professional sports: “After the season is before the season”. The same holds true for home gardeners. If you gently and attentively prepare your garden for winter in October and November, you are bound to enjoy your plants all the more in the coming season.

NEW 09.03.2021 Products / Tree and Shrub Care
GAR_2021_Doing something good for the environment and your wallet

Doing something good for the environment and your wallet

Moving from a throwaway society towards a sustainable consumer culture
Consumer behaviour is changing, becoming more aware and sustainable. This is leading to a necessary transformation in the prevalent consumerist culture. In this culture, many products are used for ever shorter periods before being disposed of, with dire consequences for humanity and the environment. In this context, the EU Ecodesign Directive will place greater obligations onto manufacturers. Gardena is using a suite of measures to help make consumer behaviour more sustainable in the garden.  
NEW 16.02.2021 Products / Tree and Shrub Care
2in1 EnergyCut

Upgrade your garden with a hedge

Picking the right plants for a perfect hedge
When the threat of daytime frost has lifted, the ground has thawed out and the temperatures begin to rise again, it’s time to get the garden hedges in shape. Natural, freely growing hedges are one currently fashionable trend. A healthy, attractive hedge not only keeps out prying eyes, but also offers a sustainable habitat for birds, insects and small animals. But gardeners should take care to find out what type of hedge would best suit their needs before adding one to their own garden. 
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