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NEW 31.08.2022 Products / city gardening
GARDENA Micro-Drip-System

New products for the season 2023

Flowering gardens instead of stone deserts or urban greenery instead of concrete surfaces – green spaces mean life and quality of life. The more, the better for everyone – people, animals and nature. With its new products for the 2023 gardening season, GARDENA helps passionate gardeners to create, maintain and preserve green oases. With products for the efficient use of water for garden and home, sustainable gardening tools and a range of pruners for all those who grow their own fruit, vegetables and herbs, whether in the countryside or on a city balcony.

NEW 31.08.2022 Products / city gardening
GARDENA Micro-Drip-System

Intelligent and economical watering tailored to your needs

The new GARDENA Micro-Drip-System
Gardening enthusiasts get beautiful, healthy plants and a lush harvest with precise and even watering. The GARDENA Micro-Drip-System brings the water drop by drop directly to the roots where it is absorbed by the plants. With a completely revised structure and improved individual components, the popular system starts the new gardening season.
NEW 31.08.2022 Products / city gardening
GARDENA cutting range

Easy harvesting and care for herbs and vegetables

Easy harvesting and care for herbs and vegetables

Growing your own herbs, fruit and vegetables is not just a steadily growing trend, it is also sustainable and healthy. What's more, because of rising food prices, self-sufficiency in herbs, fruit and vegetables is a real alternative to the supermarket. New cutting tools ensure that harvesting is easy.

NEW 31.08.2022 Products / city gardening
GARDENA AssistCut Battery supported secateurs

Extra power for impressive cuts

The new GARDENA AssistCut battery supported secateurs
It is important to trim your plants regularly to ensure that they grow healthily. That is why secateurs are probably one of the most important tools that a gardener can have. The new GARDENA AssistCut secateurs support in this task by providing the necessary extra power whenever it is needed, allowing even the thickest branches to be cut with ease.
NEW 23.05.2022 Products / city gardening
Grow your own fruit and vegetables

Worried about rising fruit and vegetable costs? Grow your own this summer!

It is no secret that supermarket prices have been rising for some time now. And it is not just the cost of vegetable oil that is cause for concern. Fruit and vegetable prices have been steadily rising since 2015, with fruit becoming 19 percent more expensive over the past seven years and vegetable prices going up by 33 percent in the same time frame.1 The past few months have seen prices jump up at an alarming rate, with rising energy prices and higher costs for wages and fertilisers mainly to blame. But it is possible to become less dependent on the supermarkets.
NEW 29.03.2022 Products / city gardening
GARDENA ClickUp! SolarLamp

Garden life from dawn until dusk

City gardens can be upgraded and accessories added to attract wildlife with a click

Balconies, roof terraces and small courtyard corners can all be transformed into city gardens. All it takes to upgrade these spaces and turn them green is a passion for gardening and plenty of creativity. What an effective way to improve quality of life in the city. If a natural approach to gardening is adopted, green havens can be created for people and wildlife.

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