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NEW 05.07.2021 New Products / city gardening
A living room in the open air

A living room in the open air

Create an outdoor oasis of well-being in just a few steps

The boundary between the living room and the patio is becoming increasingly blurred. From furniture to flooring, many of the things that look good indoors work just as well outdoors. With weatherproof garden furniture and decorations, the sky is literally the limit. All that’s needed is a well-planned patio. GARDENA has collected a few tips and tricks on how to make it work.

NEW 08.04.2021 New Products / city gardening
Gardena SILENO robotic mowers

Digital natives long for a garden

Putting smart gardening into practice
A recent study by Gardena* shows that it’s not just passionate and experienced plant lovers who dream of a garden of their own. Both in large cities and elsewhere, young people are increasingly longing for somewhere green. As most people aged 25 to 34 see gardens primarily as a place to recharge, there’s also a growing interest in smart gardening tools that make garden upkeep easier.  
NEW 04.08.2020 New Products / city gardening
The new GARDENA Pump and Pressure Sprayers

Plant care for the home and garden

The new GARDENA Pump and Pressure Sprayers
Whether for gentle irrigation or the distribution of plant protection agents and homemade fortifiers, gardening enthusiasts are sure to find just the model for their needs amongst the new GARDENA Pump and Pressure Sprayers.

NEW 04.08.2020 New Products / city gardening
The new GARDENA Gardening Gloves

All in hand

The new GARDENA Gardening Gloves
Optimal functionality and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. GARDENA is proving exactly this with its revised range of gardening gloves. All five models impress with their optimal comfort, fresh designs, clever features and non-toxic materials.

NEW 23.08.2019 New Products / city gardening

Quick connection

The new GARDENA Tap Connector for indoor taps

The Original GARDENA System provides a quick solution for all watering requirements. If there is no water supply on the balcony or roof terrace: With the GARDENA Tap Connector for indoor taps, you can still water the plants using a hose.

NEW 01.08.2018 New Products / city gardening

New products for practical city gardeners

Planting and plant care are now even easier
Over the past few years, GARDENA's city gardening range has already shown that, with the right facilities, you can be a gardener anywhere: inner-city balconies, roof terraces and small city gardens. For the 2019 season, GARDENA is further expanding its city gardening product range.
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