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NEW 31.08.2022 Products / Lawn Care
The new GARDENA lawnmowers PowerMax

Powerful mowing and collecting

The new GARDENA PowerMax lawnmowers

For many hobby gardeners the lawn is the showpiece of their garden. For optimum care, you need a lawnmower that combines optimal cutting quality and handling characteristics, like the battery and electric models in the completely revised GARDENA PowerMax range.

NEW 31.08.2022 Products / Lawn Care
GARDENA Battery Hedge Trimmer EasyCut 4018V P4A

Battery power that affords freedom of movement

The new GARDENA battery devices for lawn care and hedge clipping
Garden owners have long appreciated the high degree of flexibility provided by GARDENA battery devices. That is why the product variety for the 18 volt battery system will be further expanded in 2023. A trimmer and lightweight hedge trimmer with optimal ergonomics make your everyday routine easier in smaller gardens.
NEW 31.08.2022 Products / Lawn Care
GARDENA ZoneProtect

Flexible all through the lawn-mowing season

The new GARDENA ZoneProtect
If trampolines, swimming pools and other structures take up parts of the lawn over the summer or certain areas have been freshly sown, a robotic lawnmower should not be deployed there at first. With the new GARDENA ZoneProtect, it is possible to temporarily exclude certain zones from the cutting area – providing a quick, easy and flexible solution that requires no change to the main installation.
NEW 04.05.2022 Products / Lawn Care
From smart home to smart garden

From smart home to smart garden

Creating gardens of the future with artificial intelligence

Digitalisation and connectivity are on the rise – and fast. Around 51 million households in Europe were smart in 2021. Estimates suggest that figure is set to almost double to 97.2 million by 2025.1 Gardens are not being left out and are evolving with homes.

NEW 16.09.2021 Products / Lawn Care
The Gardena combisystem Fruit Collector

Strengthened into the winter

Environmentally friendly ways to winter-proof your garden

There’s a saying in professional sports: “After the season is before the season”. The same holds true for home gardeners. If you gently and attentively prepare your garden for winter in October and November, you are bound to enjoy your plants all the more in the coming season.

NEW 31.08.2021 Products / Lawn Care
GARDENA smart SILENO Robotic Lawnmower with LONA technology

A new intelligent approach to mowing

The new GARDENA smart SILENO Robotic Lawnmower with LONA technology
The smart GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower is gearing up for the future. The new LONA technology will open up a wealth of possibilities for the user from the 2022 season – including GPS-based navigation, individual zone management and real-time position determination in the smart App.
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