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NEW 29.03.2022 Products / Garden Decoration
GARDENA ClickUp! SolarLamp

Garden life from dawn until dusk

City gardens can be upgraded and accessories added to attract wildlife with a click

Balconies, roof terraces and small courtyard corners can all be transformed into city gardens. All it takes to upgrade these spaces and turn them green is a passion for gardening and plenty of creativity. What an effective way to improve quality of life in the city. If a natural approach to gardening is adopted, green havens can be created for people and wildlife.

NEW 09.11.2021 Products / Garden Decoration
Its time for a garden party

Who cares if the nights are drawing in? It’s time for a garden party!

Being a perfect party host is just a click away
Visitors – both human and animal – are what make a garden thrive. That’s even more reason make sure that guests of all species will feel at home and enjoy a feast for the senses even in the cooler months. The GARDENA ClickUp! System allows gardens to be easily transformed to suit every season, guest and event. A range of different attachments can be easily and securely added to the sturdy handle with a single click – and swapped out just as quickly. Autumn and winter are the perfect time to add warming light sources and provide tasty snacks for animal visitors.
NEW 31.08.2021 Products / Garden Decoration
GARDENA ClickUp! BalconyClamp

Conveniently convertible with a single click

The GARDENA ClickUp! System with new attachments

In the 2021 garden season, GARDENA launched its new modern lifestyle system for the garden: ClickUp! – one handle, endless possibilities. For the 2022 garden season, the system will be made even more versatile with new attachments and a balcony fixation.

NEW 05.07.2021 Products / Garden Decoration
A living room in the open air

A living room in the open air

Create an outdoor oasis of well-being in just a few steps

The boundary between the living room and the patio is becoming increasingly blurred. From furniture to flooring, many of the things that look good indoors work just as well outdoors. With weatherproof garden furniture and decorations, the sky is literally the limit. All that’s needed is a well-planned patio. GARDENA has collected a few tips and tricks on how to make it work.

NEW 15.04.2021 Products / Garden Decoration
My home, my dream, my castle

My home, my dream, my castle

The outdoor living trends for 2021
The coronavirus pandemic has shown us how important home becomes in times of crisis. Restrictions on our freedom of movement heighten our perception of our home as a place of sanctuary, where we feel safe and secure. In its latest report on living trends for 2021, the Zukunftsinstitut identified the trend of home suite home – the desire for creating open spaces within one’s own home as an expression of the mega-trends of individualisation and security. GARDENA presents ways of achieving this and provides an overview of the key outdoor living trends for 2021.
NEW 09.03.2021 Products / Garden Decoration
The new ClickUp! System

One click and you’re done – the new ClickUp! system

From an experiment to a new product line

GARDENA is always playing with new ideas to help passionate gardeners create the garden of their dreams. The question was raised if the decoration of gardens and patios should be part of that. An experiment led to the creation of ClickUp!, a modern system that can be individually adapted to suit your lifestyle. The system features a stand with a range of attachments and a wide variety of year-round uses. Martin Rauch, GARDENA’s Brand Design director, gives more insight into the development of the ClickUp! system.

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