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Keeping your hedges in shape

A slimming cure for hedges and shrubs
Hedge Clipper EasyCut

Those having to cut their hedges manually require a hedge trimmer which cuts well and is lightweight.

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They act as a privacy screen, boundary, breeding ground and habitat – hedges have many tasks and functions in your garden. It is particularly important that they are pruned into shape in the first years after planting, in order to keep them green and ensure dense growth. And yet which hedge plants should be cut when?

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A hedge is not just a hedge

There are many different hedge plants – from evergreen conifers via deciduous shrubs, right up to flowering or fruit-bearing ornamental shrubs. Pruning the hedges into shape encourages branching of the shoots. Depending on the variety, cherry laurel is cut back once per year – usually around St. John’s Day
(June 24th ). The plants can be cut back in all directions. Older plants are highly resistant even to severe pruning. They simply produce new shoots from the old wood.
Thuja hedges are even more resistant to being cut back. The ideal cut is slightly conical in shape – wider at the bottom than at the top. This provides the lower shoots with more light to grow. The ideal pruning period is July to August. Beech and conifer hedges should also be cut during this period, as they frequently contain bird’s nests. Baby songbirds are not ready to fly out of the nest until the summer.

Sharp Hedge Clippers for the right cut

Sharp, outstandingly powerful Hedge Clippers are essential when pruning hedges and shrubs. Otherwise, the branches are crushed and damaged. In addition, working with blunt and also heavy hedge trimmers quickly makes you tired. There is a hedge trimmer that can be used to cut both thin and thicker branches due to its two-gear transmission, which can be switched on or off depending on requirements. It is possible to prune even higher hedges into shape using hedge clippers with telescopic handles.

Hedges to support insects and birds

In garden layouts that respect nature, above all insect and bird-friendly hedge plants can be found, for example a mixture of ornamental shrubs featuring different flowers. Early-flowering shrubs such as forsythia, red-flowering currant, lilac or dwarf almond are cut back in spring, directly after flowering. Basically, exactly those branches are removed which are shrivelled, or have grown inwards or crosswise. This increases the flowering intensity the following year.

Late-flowering plants are usually not cut back until the next year, after the frost period. The butterfly bush forms its flowering shoots on new wood, meaning that all the long flowering shoots from the previous year can be cut back severely from the middle of February, directly over a bud to leave two or three buds. Stronger shoots are removed using Pruning Loppers, and thin shoots or those growing inwards and be removed completely using Secateurs. If the shoots on the inside are left longer than those at the edge, an attractive, natural form results. After the flowering period in summer, the dead inflorescences can be removed. This promotes flowering in the new, branching shoots. Potentilla, rose mallow or summer-flowering spiraea varieties are pruned the same way.

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