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NEW 09.04.2024 Products / Watering
Less gravel, more greenery

Less gravel, more greenery

Inspiration for weather-resistant green spaces

Gardens, balconies, and terraces are popular spots for gardening, relaxation, growing own food or extension of the indoor living space. But as extreme weather becomes more common, it is increasingly important for gardens to be adaptable. Efficient water use and biodiversity are key when it comes to planning resilient gardens.

NEW 06.03.2024 Products / Watering
More resilience is also becoming increasing-ly important in domestic green spaces

More resilience is also becoming increasingly important in domestic green spaces

Adapting green spaces to extreme weather conditions

Extreme weather, such as heavy rain, drought, and heat waves, is becoming more widespread due to climate change, with the potential for serious damage to be caused. Green spaces like gardens, balconies and patios need to be resilient, adaptable, and able to spring back after isolated instances of extreme weather.

NEW 06.03.2024 Products / Watering
Green resilience in the face of climate change

Green resilience in the face of climate change

Gardens will need to be more resilient than ever going forward

Climate change is having an impact on the weather all around the world, with heavy rainfall, drought and heat waves becoming more and more widespread. Green spaces need to be able to cope with these weather events and adapt to the changing environmental conditions if they are going to survive. They need to be resilient, which involves being adaptable and able to spring back after isolated instances of extreme weather.

NEW 11.01.2024 Products / Watering
GARDENA Blind Brush

Quick and convenient cleaning

Gentle cleaning for all surfaces

After the cold and wet winter months, the house and garden are due a spring clean. Blinds, garden furniture and patios can be sparkling in no time with water and battery power.


NEW 24.08.2023 Products / Watering
GARDENA Battery Wall-Mounted Hose Box PowerRoll

Into the box at the touch of a button

The new GARDENA Wall-Mounted Hose Boxes PowerRoll with battery
Easy unwinding, effortless and smooth rewinding and ready for use at any time - this is what gardening enthusiasts appreciate about the GARDENA Hose Boxes. The new battery-operated Wall-Mounted Hose Boxes PowerRoll offer even more convenience and the new Terrace Hose Boxes RollUp offers another placement solution, as it can also be mounted on solid surfaces.

NEW 22.06.2023 Products / Watering
GARDENA Micro-Drip-System

Drop by drop

Drip irrigation systems for precise and efficient watering
During previous dry summers, gardeners soon realised what a precious resource water is – even in areas that do not traditionally struggle with water scarcity. Lawns dried out in lots of places, and it was hard to keep up with how often home-grown fruit and vegetables had to be watered. At times like this, smart irrigation systems are an effective way to keep plants healthy and make efficient use of water. 
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