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Smart tricks for happy holidays and healthy plants

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With the GARDENA Holiday Watering Set in place, plants will not mind being left at home on their own because they will still be getting the water they need. The water reservoir con-sisting of 80 percent recycled material provides an efficient solution for watering plants in the home or conservatory.

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Keen gardeners do not always have time to water the plants in their homes, gardens, patios or balconies. They may be away on holiday, travelling for work or just too busy with life. Here are a few tricks and tips to keep those precious plants alive and thriving during these periods.

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People often rely on their neighbours to keep an eye on things when they are away, which includes picking up the post and watering the plants. Life can be made simpler for trusty neighbours by grouping plants in the house or on the balcony together based on how much light and water they need. This makes it much easier to water everything without missing any plants out. It is also important to think carefully about where plants are positioned. During the summer months, plants that are too close to a window can quickly get too hot and dry out. And if the roller blinds are left down, plants will not be getting enough light.

Water supplies and solar power
When there is no trusty neighbour to call on, an automatic watering system is a reliable alternative. The GARDENA Holiday Watering Set can take care of up to 36 different plants inside the home. The system has to be connected to the power but not a water supply because it has its own water reservoir. With three different water release settings, the drip distributor can respond to different water requirements on a daily basis.

The AquaBloom water reservoir and solar panel are available for balconies without a water or power supply. The compact watering assistant is powered by a solar panel with rechargeable batteries that generates and stores energy from the sun. The integrated pump delivers water to the plants from a reservoir. All of this is done completely automatically, with a choice of multiple irrigation programmes and efficient drip irrigation that guides each drop to exactly where it is needed – the roots of the plants. The versatile system can automatically water up to twenty plants for many days.

Drip irrigation – more efficient than a neighbour
Gardeners who want to water their larger patio or garden efficiently to suit their plants on an ongoing basis should consider installing a drip irrigation system. Efficient and responsible watering is important at all times – not just when it is holiday season. It minimises evaporation and prevents overwatering and waterlogging. And because fungi are no longer able to settle on wet leaves, the plants are healthier too. Another benefit is that the system deters weeds, as the available water is largely absorbed by the cultivated plants and flowers.

Smart irrigation using an app
Smart irrigation solutions take things one step further. They provide every type of plant with the right amount of water at the right time – in every kind of soil. The irrigation level can be adjusted to provide as much or as little water as required. Sensors measure the moisture content of the soil, ensuring that the plants are only watered when they need to be. If the soil already contains enough moisture, the next scheduled irrigation is suspended in order to save water without any detriment to the plants. They receive excellent care, with precisely the right amount of water being delivered directly to where it can be most easily absorbed – at the roots.

Garden owners can use the free GARDENA smart App to schedule and control garden irrigation and maintenance directly from their smartphones. The app makes use of the sensor data as well as local weather reports to take good care of the plants. Irrigation schedules can also be adapted to changing sunrise and sunset times across the seasons. Whether from the office or while on holiday, the combination of irrigation control, sensors and the app makes it easy to keep an eye on the garden and make adjustments as needed. And other features like garden lighting, water pumps and robotic powers can all be controlled via the app too.

More information on efficient water use can be found in the Gardena e-book Clever wateringwww.gardena.com/cleverwatering as well as in the press release "Spontaneous or scheduled watering". Find more ideas for natural gardening in the Gardena e-book Sustainable gardening. Tips and inspirations for a colourful garden ecosystem

About Gardena
For over 50 years Gardena has provided everything passionate gardeners need. The broad assortment of products offers innovative solutions and systems for watering, lawn care, tree and shrub care and soil cultivation. Today, Gardena is a leading European supplier of high-quality gardening tools and distributed in more than 100 countries worldwide. Gardena is a brand of Husqvarna Group. Gardena Division has 3,450 employees worldwide. Further information on gardena.com.
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